Justifying the Uber

Editor’s note: This article is not an endorsement of Uber. The company was used a placeholder for all ride-sharing companies. Uber has recently come under fire for sending its drivers into John F. Kennedy International Airport while taxi drivers struck in opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The Daily
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UC Berkeley commuting customs

Let’s face it — no matter where you come from, whether there are running functional buses in your town or everyone travels by personal taxis, when you come to Berkeley, there’s no way you’ll survive without taking public transportation. The 51B bus and BART are integral to our lives as
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The most underrated AC Transit bus lines

As a student with a trusty AC Transit bus sticker on your Cal 1 Card, the world is your oyster. Hopping on a bus can take you to class, to the BART station or to your favorite restaurant Downtown. Most people know that the 52 takes you in a circle around
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Happy Birthday BART

Immutable Orange

This September, BART celebrated its 40th anniversary. Besides a reason to celebrate BART for free ice cream giveaways and a promotion giving away 1,000 $40 BART tickets, it is interesting to look back and see how the role of the public in public transportation has changed in the United States
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VIDEO: Wanderer’s Union

The Wanderer’s Union is a non-competitive 24 hour long wandering event that challenges participants to travel to 24 places in 24 hours.

California must go full steam ahead

It is rare that students get to be part of a visionary transportation project that will fundamentally change the future of their state. That is the opportunity that we have, today, as high-speed rail — a train that will shuttle Californians between downtown San Francisco and Union Station in Los
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