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Places to eat on campus when it’s raining

Let’s face it. It’s been raining a lot lately. And lots of rain means it’s getting increasingly difficult to get places without getting our shoes soaked or our backpacks drenched. Or, even if we do manage to get by without getting soaked, it all comes at the cost of spending
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Taylor Follett/Staff

Quiz: Which on-campus Peet’s is this?

Have you ever showed up to a Peet’s Coffee location with a Peet’s from a different location? We at the Clog are definitely guilty, though it’s easy to do because of the plethora of Peet’s on our campus. To test if you’re a true connoisseur of UC Berkeley coffee shops, ask
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Trees at Soda Hall are casualties of much larger fight

At 7 a.m. April 23, the day after Earth Day, UC Berkeley’s private contractors arrived at the redwood grove behind Soda Hall and removed all of the trees, despite repeated assurances from the administration that at least some of the trees would spared and one official’s claim that the trees
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A new design for engineering education

On June 13, we had the great honor of hearing Paul Jacobs, chairman and CEO of the global semiconductor company Qualcomm, announce a $20 million gift to UC Berkeley during a live webcast of the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in Chicago. Dr. Jacobs — who holds three degrees from
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