LGBT, feminist perspectives on video games at GaymerX conference

Everybody games There are a lot of preconceived stereotypes about gamer culture. Gamers are either geeky, anti-social, skinny teenage boys, or beefed-up, unnecessarily aggressive frat brothers. That’s not actually true. The actual gaming community is more like a diverse landscape of intersectional subcultures. GaymerX, a queer gaming conference that was held
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Taking care of yourself is not a luxury

Safe, Sane and Consensual

“What are you doing to take care of yourself this week?” The five of us in the Tang Center support group stared at each other. At the olive green carpet. At the second hand ticking away in the wall clock. Four minutes until our weekly hour and a half together
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The bisexuality spectrum

Sex on Tuesday

My first impression of bisexuality as a kid was my older cousin vehemently expressing her irritability regarding this group: “They should just make up their minds,” she said in that authoritative way slightly older kids use with slightly younger kids. We were runts, then, but implicit in her statement was
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Real Bad fuels community activism by partying with a purpose

New exhibition at GLBT History Museum spotlights queer dance party

In the 1980s, the AIDS epidemic led to extreme sex negativity, during which medical advice became mixed up with issues of morality, resulting in hostility toward sexual activity of any kind in the LGBT community. The queer community in San Francisco found ways to escape from this sex negativity and
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Lead from ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ reflects on how the show resonates with genderqueer community

Actor discusses the different reactions to the show in small and large cities

Coming to the Orpheum Theater in August, the Broadway spectacle “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” follows three drag performers driving a bus through the Australian Outback to a gig in Alice Springs. Wade McCollum plays Tick — known onstage as Mitzi — the lead character who has secretly arranged the
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Queer artists encourage booing at SOMArts show

Bay Area performers present new works on the theme of 'This Is What I Hate'

On the first Tuesday of every month, SOMArts presents The News, a series in which queer Bay Area artists perform new theater pieces. This month’s edition saw the artists ironically dedicating their segments to what they hate most. The audience was encouraged to shout calls of disdain rather than applaud
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Rhetorical heterophobia

Sex on Blogday

One of the more recent video fads, “Love Is All You Need?” is a video that challenges mainstream forms of sexuality-based oppression, but with a twist: Heterosexuality is oppressed. The video begins with the birth of the main character and travels with her through adolescence. She has two parents of
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Is anal for the abnormal?

Sex on Blogday

Everyone has an anus. Everyone has a large number of nerve endings in their rectal erogenous zone, and everyone is physically capable of enjoying anal sex. Yet anal sex is often seen as only appropriate for homosexual men and adventurous women. Why doesn’t everyone enjoy it more frequently? Why does
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What is sex?

Sex on Blogday

Some of you may be reading this in your dorm room in Unit 3, maybe at FSM or even across the country in Washington, D.C. Regardless of your location, we all have something in common: sex. Sex can mean a lot of different things. It can refer to anything from
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