Quentin Tarantino and desensitization to violence

There seems to be a sentiment among moviegoers that cinema presents us with a completely apolitical experience. The word “entertainment” is often thrown around in defense of movies with tenuous moral premises. People say, “It’s mere entertainment,” or, “It’s just fun.” Seen in this light, movies are an escape from
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Around the world in 90 minutes: International cinema on view at the Pacific Film Archive

It’s the new year and a new semester at UC Berkeley. Thankfully, that also means that the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive has reopened. The line-up that the PFA is putting on in the upcoming months is a cinephile’s dream and features some of the most influential international films produced in cinematic history. Below are just some recommendations for those adventurous filmgoers looking for world classics to see this semester.
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Weekly Playlist: Cool movie walk

Here at the clog, we like to dabble in a variety of guilty pleasures. While we aren’t at liberty to freely speak about all of them without seeming super ridiculous, we can, however, reveal one particular guilty pleasure that we often partake in during our time here at Berkeley. For
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