Quiz: how green are you?

It’s Earth Week! Various environmental groups around campus have put on events in favor of preserving our planet, but not everyone at UC Berkeley is as environmentally friendly as those dedicated individuals on Upper Sproul Plaza. Which camp do you fall into? Take our quiz below to find out how green
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Quiz: What cafe should you study at today?

Nobody likes studying at Main Stacks, Moffitt Library or even the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, despite how pretty it is, so students often decide to venture off campus in search of the perfect cafe to study at. Everyone has his or her own preference as to which coffee shop
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Quiz: How well do you know your campus?

It’s no secret that our campus is pretty big. It’s 1,232 acres (which is, like, 947 football fields) of amazing, with 32 libraries and a plethora of other buildings. So it’d be pretty impressive if you could identify and locate places on campus based on a single photograph. Care to
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Quiz: what smartphone are you?

We all carry around tech gadgets, but have you ever thought about their personality? (Yes, we know inanimate objects don’t really have personalities.) We take them out occasionally, push their buttons and stuff them back into our pockets. But what if things were the other way around: what if you
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Quiz: what excuse should you give?

We’re all familiar with the scenario: You realize you’ve completely forgotten to complete your assignment for your discussion section, which is in … 10 minutes. You panic, wondering how much you’ll fall behind — but then you realize there’s still time to save your grade. The only question is, what
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