Between the labels

Mixed Feelings

By now, we should have eliminated all race-related terms from our vocabulary, deleted all racial inquiries from surveys and begun to undo centuries of injustices. And yet, because social change will always advance slower than science, race still means everything in our society.
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Chris Cox_online

Hold the mayo, please

Sex on Tuesday

“Choke on it,” he commanded in a deep guttural voice that made my dick deflate like a punctured air mattress. He was the athletic, 6-foot-something white-type that freshman me had been wet dreaming about for years. His body, chiseled to perfection, made me anxiously hard from the moment I ripped
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Sophie Goethals_online

Asking the wrong questions

Sports with Sophie

The first question read, “What is it like to be a white American in the NBA?” The query unnerved me a bit, but I read on. A little later the interviewer asked, “Has anyone ever said anything to you racially on the basketball floor?” and my uncomfort grew. It ended
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The state of East Bay poetry

The room’s quiet focus is fixed on her hushed, commanding presence, with a voice that resonates from the scuffed-up floorboards to the well-worn walls. A simmering pot murmurs behind us in the open kitchen. A cat — maybe two — weaves back and forth between the colorful mismatched chairs and
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