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Rich and white (passing)

Sex on Tuesday

I hop out of the shower at 6 p.m., put in green contacts, curl my bleached blonde hair into loose Victoria’s Secret waves and start my make-up for the night, being sure to not draw too much attention to the shape of my eyes and fullness of my lips. When
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White Girl Problems

As a white person, race can sometimes be an awkward thing to talk about. So the recent incident at Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley involving comedian W. Kamau Bell has left me with questions about racism in my backyard and the role that I play in combating it. Bell was greeting
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An anecdotal history of Berkeley

Long before the dawn of the Nobel Prize, Cal and even the city of Berkeley, on this bayside section of land we students call home nine months out of the year existed a very different type of civilization. Before us, the indigenous Ohlone people once resided amidst our Strawberry Creek and
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PSA: Berkeley Half Marathon this weekend

On Sunday, runners will parade through campus and around town as they participate in the second annual Berkeley Half Marathon. The 13.1-mile loop course starts at the MLK Jr. Civic Center Park and cuts through Telegraph Avenue, across campus, though North Berkeley and down to the Berkeley Marina. Alternatively, there is a shorter route — 5
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Off the beat: The little thing about his color

It’s India, in summer 2010. My family and I get a respite from the intense heat and walk into a sari shop, where my mom wants to finish her shopping for the day. We sit down, the shopkeeper brings us various sodas and water. My mother, my brother and I
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Affirmative action, or skin-based judgement

Notes from Underground

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Although this seems like a no-brainer, it’s a concept that eludes most supporters of affirmative action. Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its 7-1 decision to uphold the current admissions process, which considers race as a factor, at the University of Texas at
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Letter: June 17 – June 24

The inability to have a smoke free home In an editorial from June 10, The Daily Californian wrote, “In comparison, residents of apartment buildings do not have a choice about whether or not their neighbors smoke, but they can make a choice to keep their living situations smoke-free.” In housing
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