Off the beat: The little thing about his color

It’s India, in summer 2010. My family and I get a respite from the intense heat and walk into a sari shop, where my mom wants to finish her shopping for the day. We sit down, the shopkeeper brings us various sodas and water. My mother, my brother and I
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Affirmative action, or skin-based judgement

Notes from Underground

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Although this seems like a no-brainer, it’s a concept that eludes most supporters of affirmative action. Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its 7-1 decision to uphold the current admissions process, which considers race as a factor, at the University of Texas at
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Letter: June 17 – June 24

The inability to have a smoke free home In an editorial from June 10, The Daily Californian wrote, “In comparison, residents of apartment buildings do not have a choice about whether or not their neighbors smoke, but they can make a choice to keep their living situations smoke-free.” In housing
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The race against time

Not so funny, guise

Tick tock. This ticking of an analog clock is more commonly known as the soundtrack to many of our lives. From the moment Cal became a reality, it seems as if many of us have been thrust into a race that has no foreseeable end. As students, we are trained
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Make admissions need-based

Ten percent admission fails Texas students, perpetuates disparities

While I wholeheartedly agree with Cruz’s goals of increasing diversity on college campuses, and making college campuses more representative of the overall population, I must emphatically disagree with his assertion that the “ten percent plan is, by far, the most democratic, equal, fair and transparent admissions system of any elite university in the country.” Instead I wish to offer an alternative method, which, in my opinion, is much fairer than drawing an arbitrary cut-off line. That method can be described as affirmative action based on socioeconomic status, and not race
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