Senate Bill 630 will protect those standing against hate

East Bay communities have been resoundingly clear: racist, anti-semitic, homophobic and other hate motivated acts are not welcome. It’s heartening to see that same message growing across the country –from last week’s Boston rally to the CEOs who resigned from President Trump’s commissions. Self-identified white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups have
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letter to the editor

False and dysfunctional speech should be repressed

In defending and advocating the precept that “all speech should be heard,” you, the administrative head of a world-renowned institution of higher learning, have fallen victim to the most destructive fallacy which anyone who desires the development of knowledge can believe. “All speech should be heard” is nothing more than
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Students should rally against hate on Sunday

In March 1892, three Black business owners were lynched near Memphis, Tennessee. Black journalist Ida B. Wells condemned the white supremacist killers in her newspaper, Memphis Free Speech. Wells rejected racist allegations that the victims were planning to rape a white woman, writing that no one “believes the old threadbare
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Christ’s ‘Free Speech Year’ proposal is insensitive

A few years ago, I won a writing contest that was sponsored by a bar named after a famous male author known for his alcoholism and chauvinism. My story was a flash fiction piece written from the perspective of an alcoholic, chauvinistic male author. I was not at all surprised
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Racism is lingering, #blacklivesmatter is here to stay

Black people: I am speaking specifically to you. When I say — think — breathe #blacklivesmatter, I think of the nebulons my ancestors have transcended to get my body to where it is today. My literal atoms have been passed on to me by generations before me, that, not even
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