Everyone should be like Kanye

Cultural Cadence

I am tired of hearing the same old stories about Kanye West. A recent TMZ headline reads “Kanye West Goes Nuts Again On Paparazzi.” Again? It’s common, it’s expected, it’s laughable. But more than that, these headlines are narrow-minded and ridiculous. Once the clichéd notions of him being an egotistical
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Racism in Berkeley never left

Urban Animal

“Kill the Mexicans!” my friend hollered as we watched a movie. Some of my housemates groaned. Others chuckled. I stayed quiet even though I’m Mexican American. We all continued watching the movie; it’s easy to shrug off discrimination when it’s not directly targeted at you. Where I used to live,
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Intent doesn’t equal impact

CAMPUS ISSUES: The offensive quinceanera party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity reflects deeper problems within the community.

One of the first lessons learned about cultural sensitivity on a campus such as Berkeley’s is that just because you don’t intend for something to be racist, that doesn’t mean it isn’t. The offensive quinceanera-themed party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity on the night of Sept. 21 is a
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Off the beat: The little thing about his color

It’s India, in summer 2010. My family and I get a respite from the intense heat and walk into a sari shop, where my mom wants to finish her shopping for the day. We sit down, the shopkeeper brings us various sodas and water. My mother, my brother and I
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I am not Trayvon Martin

Notes from Underground

I saw a meme on Facebook the other day that says, “I am not Trayvon Martin.” It was posted by a “middle-aged, middle class, overweight white guy” who did not personally identify with Trayvon but still understood why the verdict was wrong. It has since gone viral. The message resonated
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Even butter can’t fix this, Paula!

Notes from Underground

The queen of butter’s show was axed by Food Network on Friday, following a leaked deposition that revealed how Paula Deen has used the “n-word” in the past. Deen currently faces a discrimination lawsuit — Lisa Jackson, a former manager at one of her restaurants, sued her for using racial
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The hanging zombie


The epidemic of racial transgression has yet to depart from our campus. Last week, the ASUC Senate passed a bill condemning the hanging zombie decoration that Theta Delta Chi — a fraternity at the corner of College and Durant avenues — placed over its lawn. Though the ASUC did bring
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Letters to the editor: Week of Nov. 5

Halloween decoration was not racist at all Our country unfortunately has had a long and sad history of prejudice against African Americans. However, the recent allegation of racial prejudice against the Theta Delta Chi fraternity is unfounded and unacceptable in today’s society. TDC had a zombie that had been hung
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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Life in the Matrix

Up until now in this column I’ve written about various aspects and inventions of the telecommunications revolution, which began, presumably, after Steve Jobs poured out his fifth bucket of bikram-induced sweat, Steve Wozniak downed his last round of Funyuns and Fanta and the two set to work building computer chips
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