Know your rights at a rally

In anticipation of the alt-right rally and counterprotests scheduled for Aug. 27, both the city and the campus are concerned with keeping people safe during these protests. Although the rally was canceled by the organizer Friday, some believe that protests are still likely to occur this weekend.
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Free Speech Rally turns violent

On Saturday, April 15 a free speech rally quickly turned violent, resulting in multiple fights, injuries, and arrests. Here is what some of the people there had to say.

Trump rally

American Horror Story: a Trump rally in Dallas

On Thursday, June 16, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Donald Trump rally in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. My best friend shot me a text on the day of that said, “I just wanna go and try to understand how people can even support him lol.” Well, we
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(Randy Adam Romero/Staff)

Big Game Week events

On Saturday, red and white will clash with blue and gold as the Bears travel to take on the…trees (it’s like they were trying to think of an intimidating mascot but gave up and settled for trees). In preparation for Big Game, there’ll be a number of activities and events
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