5 ways to spruce up your ramen

As broke, hungry and busy college kids, we all know the struggle of trying to feed ourselves without breaking the bank. That’s probably why ramen was invented. And yeah, ramen might be decent tasting and all for the first few weeks or so, but those same super-salty, monotonous beef and
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Masha Andreyeva/File

Nobel Prizes for the unaccomplished

Theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions, ending a 50-year-long civil war, the synthesis of molecular machines — these are the accomplishments that garnered Nobel Prizes in 2016. Their achievements are truly modern miracles of thought. While this year’s winners showcase their world-changing achievements, we at UC Berkeley continue to toil
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ippudo location

Ippudo NY: Berkeley’s hottest and mod-est new ramen

With Biryani House’s sudden closure in 2014 and Mandarin Garden’s devastating fire in late 2015, the corner of Shattuck and University avenues might seem a less-than-ideal site to post up shop. But Ippudo NY, a burgeoning ramen brasserie from New York, is not about to let some bad history stop it
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Things that are worse than losing to USC football

There are many things that affect us directly and we should care about much more than our football rankings. So before you get bummed about the USC game, just remember: Your life sucks too much for you to care about something that, quite honestly, doesn’t change your life as much
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