A student votes at a polling station at Unit 2.

How to really win an ASUC election

With ASUC election season right around the corner, we all know what to expect — unrequested impromptu speeches on Sproul Plaza, a Facebook newsfeed full of the same five people’s faces and a million generic virtual messages requesting to secure your vote a month in advance for a particular candidate.
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Libraries you have to study in

Are you ready for finals week to be over? We at the Clog are too, but we have a few ideas to make finals week BEARable, and maybe even a little fun. Thus, we present to you a few libraries that you can go to in order to change up
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How to multitask while studying for finals

Studying for finals is already tough, and just because we have to study doesn’t mean we can neglect our other needs, right? These are incredibly important tasks we’re talking about, so without further ado, we at the Clog present to you a list of things you can do while studying to kill
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A eulogy to Ramona’s Café

We at the Clog thought we would’ve recovered by now after Ramona’s sudden departure. Gone are the days of delicious, freshly made paninis as well as the days of spicy teriyaki bowls that weren’t actually spicy. We didn’t believe it when campus told us Ramona’s was closing, but at the
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Conspiracy theories about why Ramona’s closed

Last week, tragedy struck the UC Berkeley campus as bagels and sandwiches alike were wiped from the famous Ramona’s. Now, a walk past Kroeber Fountain won’t be filled with the smell of bread-crusted mac and cheese. There won’t be any more students pushing each other for a good spot in line. Apparently,
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Tuna Salad Sandwich

What your sandwich spot says about you

Berkeley is home to a healthy number of fine sandwich establishments. Whether you’re a Cheese ‘N’ Stuff or a Montague’s kind of person is telling about much deeper aspects of your character. Read on to see what your favorite local sandwich spot says about you. Ramona’s You probably have a
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