When every tune tastes like cherry

If someone told you they liked pop music with a casual, “I like a chipper synthesized baseline, a plucky electric guitar and lyrics about adolescent life that make my heart tingle, if you please,” you would probably tell them to simmer down.
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Tunesday: Old-school R&B love

Whether you’re heartbroken or happily in love, you can always count on old-school R&B love songs to channel your love life. With their soulful beats and melodies, they always hit the spot. We’ve compiled a list of both somber and happy love songs to help you get through the rough
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Gallant Zhu

R&B singer Gallant serves up slick, simple performance

“My name is Gallant.” Rising R&B singer Christopher Gallant, who performs under the mononym Gallant, didn’t say much to the crowd during his set at the Fox Theater in Oakland — at least not in plain words. Instead, he engaged in intimate conversation with his audience through soulful falsetto vocal
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Weeknd-republic records

The Weeknd aims for pop stardom with latest album

In 2012, Abel Tesfaye, more popularly known as The Weeknd, revolutionized sex with his first album, Trilogy. There were 3,932,181 births reported in 2013. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Since then, The Weeknd has continued to discuss drugs and sex in two other albums — Kiss Land and his newest
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