How to BS your way through discussion without doing any reading

It’s four weeks into the semester, and chances are you’re already swamped in extracurriculars, problem sets, upcoming midterms and a stack of endless readings. You have a discussion section coming up this week, and you’re definitely not about to sit down and read those dreaded 200+ pages. So, how are you going
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Summer session is over — now what?

Now that your finals are over and done with, you may be questioning what to do with yourself for the next week before returning for fall. Your eye-bags may be lighter than winter finals and you may have slept more than three hours this time around for finals season. But
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Caroline Lee_ZainabAli

Reading, rekindled

Cutting Room Floor

As a child, my nose was always in a book. My passion for reading was unparalleled. It allowed me to escape into another realm, where I could indulge in a world so alien from mine that I felt adrenalized just turning the crisp pages of a new book. It sparked
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Summer study breaks

Summer classes are quick-paced as they condense the material of four months into six to eight weeks. Therefore, you must remain on top of the class material, and being wise about your study breaks can really be crucial to your success. Here at the Clog, we compiled some suitable study
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Your fun summer reading list

With the sun shining and days of nothingness beckoning, reading a book seems to be the last thing anyone wants to do this summer. But did you ever think that you could read for fun? I know, it seems unbelievable, especially after a semester of what felt like never ending
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Sunset article

A day to celebrate the fact that we’re still alive

Wednesday is national Near Miss Day, named after a massive asteroid came alarmingly close to destroying planet Earth on that day in 1989. By “alarmingly close,” we mean 600,000 miles, but given the magnitude of space, we should count our lucky stars — and asteroids — that we weren’t all blown to bits.
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Where should you pretend to study?

Most of us are still in a state of denial over the dawn of a new semester. We don’t have our books, notebooks or pens, which means we can’t possibly be expected to accomplish anything remotely resembling work. But we want to project the appearance of accomplishment. To help you look
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Semester goals you can actually keep

As a new semester stretches out before us all, we find ourselves pumped for new experiences. We’ve all made semester goal lists that include impossible tasks like reading every page of our textbooks or going to every class. But like our promises to ourselves to exercise every day and say
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