Your fun summer reading list

With the sun shining and days of nothingness beckoning, reading a book seems to be the last thing anyone wants to do this summer. But did you ever think that you could read for fun? I know, it seems unbelievable, especially after a semester of what felt like never ending
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Sunset article

A day to celebrate the fact that we’re still alive

Wednesday is national Near Miss Day, named after a massive asteroid came alarmingly close to destroying planet Earth on that day in 1989. By “alarmingly close,” we mean 600,000 miles, but given the magnitude of space, we should count our lucky stars — and asteroids — that we weren’t all blown to bits.
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Where should you pretend to study?

Most of us are still in a state of denial over the dawn of a new semester. We don’t have our books, notebooks or pens, which means we can’t possibly be expected to accomplish anything remotely resembling work. But we want to project the appearance of accomplishment. To help you look
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Semester goals you can actually keep

As a new semester stretches out before us all, we find ourselves pumped for new experiences. We’ve all made semester goal lists that include impossible tasks like reading every page of our textbooks or going to every class. But like our promises to ourselves to exercise every day and say
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Winter break reading guide

Have you exhausted your Netflix queue? Are all of your friends on the quarter system back in school? Do you love reading, but have you already worked through your entire stack of books to read over break? Luckily for you, we at the Clog are in the same boat, so
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10 things to do that are better than your reading

It’s early on in the semester. You’re sitting at your desk, the one you just bought at Ikea with your family when they came to move you in, and you’re trying to be productive. You’re staring at the syllabi of your three toughest classes. You’re accomplishing absolutely nothing. Don’t worry,
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Clog book club: Books about Books

“Write what you know,” the cliche goes, and novelists certainly know books. They read them, they write them, and they write about them. This week’s theme is Books about Books — rescued books, secret books, book clubs, books with a past and books that demand to be read.   1.
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Summer reading: keeping pace with social movement

Reading for fun — what a novel idea! After braving the flood of required readings for class, at long last summer has come, and with it, the perfect opportunity to kick back and start reading for pleasure again. Though hitting the library to build your own reading list can be part of the fun, if you’re on the lookout for a specific book recommendation, we’ve got you covered.
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Books on the beach

How to create the perfect summer reading list

A suggested summer reading list will always claim to have something for everybody, and it will always be lying. There are a lot of people in this world, and people read different things, especially at a place such as UC Berkeley. So rather than tell you that Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall“ is really,
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Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.46.06 PM

Bingo: dead week and finals week edition

Dead week is a confusing time. On one hand, it seems like we have all this free time — it could even be considered a week-long vacation! But on the other hand, we all know what we should be doing because of the fast-approaching week after — yes, studying. The end
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