UC Berkeley through the eyes of baby bears

When you ask prospective freshmen what they think the first few weeks of college will feel like, you’re likely to receive similar answers: Frat parties, a group of friends they’ll magically connect with and a tickle of love for their newfound freedom. But things don’t always go as perfectly as imagined. And so we at the Clog went around
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Expectations versus reality: the perspective of your parents

If you weren’t the model goody two shoes back home, your parents have a reason to expect the worse of you once you’ve escaped their watch. After their constant strings of warning messages about how corruptive college is, we are here to provide your parents with some emotional clarity. While they’re lying
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Expectation vs. reality: Spring Break

Oh Spring Break, the vacation from school that indicates the approaching summer vacation. We are half way through the semester and this break is just what we need to refuel and ultimately end the school year with a bang. But beware, because this week-long vacation will go by quickly, so try
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The Trouble with Dogma

Two Steps Forward

This view of Christians as morally superior to others is all too common. Native Americans were slaughtered and raped by generations of European settlers. Never mind that they had lived sustainably on the land for millennia; never mind that their retaliatory violence was an attempt to protect their homes; never mind that they could have contributed so much more than maize to the settlers’ lives. They believed in animalistic nature gods and, therefore, were little better than animals themselves. The Crusades were a centuries-long bloodbath borne of the belief that everyone should be Christian. Judeo-Christian values have wrought the fruitless, zero-sum blood feud between Israel and Palestine: complete unwillingness to compromise, bolstered by years of gruesome violence on both sides, backed by each group’s unyielding belief that they are the chosen people.
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Third dimensions of a flat kind

Savage Heart Murmurs

While high school nostalgia, or Vegas, wasted most of us during spring break, my parents’ brand new high-definition plasma TV radiated all the real-time exhibitionism I could handle during five days of Oregon rain (and fresh crab!). Recovering from Craig Ferguson’s camera-tapping into my bereft soul, I concluded that the
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