4 things we give up by coming home

After experiencing the joys of college, especially such an exceptionally awesome one as UC Berkeley, we can’t help but feel sometimes that we should have never left. While nobody denies that it’s important and even enjoyable to spend time with the people who bestowed us with the gift of life
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The Berzerkeley Phrasebook

Your guide to Berkeley Lingo

Asian Ghetto-A collection of restaurants located on Durant Avenue. Formally named Durant Food Court, this location consists of several eateries that predominantly serve Asian cuisine at an affordable price between $7 and $15. Main Stacks-Four underground floors below the Doe library that house the university’s millions of books. Unlike the
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Recreational Sports Facility offers tease aerobics

“Your booty is a turntable!” booms an amplified voice from one end of a large mirrored exercise room, and dozens of derrieres sway back and forth in compliance. Is this some bizarre dream? No, just a Sunday night Tease Aerobics class.Tease aerobics is exactly what it sounds like: a more
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Perfect study breaks during finals week

UC Botanical Garden A secluded paradise, the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley located on Centennial Drive is simply divine. With over 13,000 different kinds of plants, the garden guarantees a beautiful sight for sore eyes and tranquil silence if meditation is your thing (stressed college students, take note). For those
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Coca-Cola and Pepsi compete for campus beverage contract

With nearly one month left before UC Berkeley’s current beverage contract is set to expire, two companies vying to enter into a beverage contract with the campus — and gain the exclusive beverage sales rights which accompany it — responded to a request for proposal that campus stakeholders released in
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