Ways to slide by the great Berkeley housing crisis

It’s probably going to get us all at one point. It’s the great Berkeley housing crisis, where a cramped two-bedroom studio apartment can easily go for more than $3,000. Not quite the ideal living situation that already cash-strapped students were going for. But fear not — the Clog is here to alleviate your subletting blues. Need
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Berkeley community must take action to reach zero waste goals

Every year, piles of trash are left on Berkeley streets when students move in or move out, polluting neighborhoods and stormwater. It also is a massive waste of money and resources. During this time, students collectively trash millions of dollars of still-usable consumer goods. This is lost wealth that could
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How to be sustainable in Berkeley

The very first observance of Earth Day took place April 22, 1970, with the aim of putting environmental issues into the national spotlight. The holiday was monumental in laying the foundation for modern environmental movements. To commemorate Earth Day, which was celebrated last Friday, we at the Clog composed a
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Make the most of your K-cups

Keurig coffee machines, with their ability to create a single, amazing cup of coffee, have become all the rage. But the Keurig also has a dark side. Once you buy a Keurig, you become trapped in a cycle that forces you to continually buy its one-time-use K-cups in order to get
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Sustainable commencement

CAMPUS ISSUES: Graduation caps and gowns should be made more sustainably and include plans for recycling and reuse.

The UC Berkeley campus has made significant efforts toward sustainability, and the city of Berkeley has a commitment to achieve zero waste by 2020. But the standard cap and gown set is still an expensive ecological waste item. Graduation gowns such as the ones manufactured by UC Berkeley’s choice label
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What to put in which recycling bin

Here at UC Berkeley, we care a lot about the environment (we have nine majors with the word “environment” in them), so it’s obvious that recycling would be a widespread practice on campus. However, recycling ain’t what it used to be, kids. The act of recycling waste can involve breaking apart
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California Legislature to consider statewide plastic bag ban

Following the footsteps of nearly 100 cities and counties — including Alameda County — who in recent years have implemented local bans on single-use plastic bags, California legislators announced in a press conference last week that they will consider a bill prohibiting the bags statewide.
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