“I hate you too”

Homelessness is far from unfamiliar to a Londoner, but there was no denying that seeing the dominating presence of street people on Shattuck Avenue, in a town that is “on vacation,” is enough to make anyone susceptible to consciously recognizing its signs.
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An ode to Remy’s

To our beloved Remy’s: We remember walking through your doors freshman year, the air filled with laughter and smell of beer. Your crowded embrace felt so right, nothing better to do Tuesday night. Rumor has it you couldn’t serve tequila, but you were a damn good taqueria. The place to go
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State agency suspends Fat Slice Pizza’s liquor license

Fat Slice Pizza, a restaurant located on Telegraph Avenue, will temporarily stop serving alcohol to customers after the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control suspended the businesses’s liquor license Thursday for allegedly selling alcoholic beverages to a minor.
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Which closed down Berkeley business are you?

Unfortunately, Berkeley has taken a big hit after the closing of local businesses these past months. Although most of the vacancies have been filled with new tenants, we decided to pay homage to the wonderful establishments we have lost in the past year or two. Take this quiz to find out which
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Why is Remy’s a ghost town?

Does anyone else really miss Remy’s Bar & Grill? It seriously used to be the most poppin’ place to come to on a Tuesday night, but it seems that nowadays it’s a ghost town. There are several conspiracy theories that we at the Clog think may have contributed to Remy’s sudden
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