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The personal and the political

Last week’s piece was not a reflection of my personal views, but rather an investigation into why a growing number of left-leaning California voters feel that the current political system fails to represent their values.
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GOP gubernatorial candidate proposes higher education facelift

A trailing California gubernatorial candidate released an extensive plan to overhaul the state’s education system Tuesday, proposing a major expansion of online course offerings and free tuition for students in math and science degree programs statewide, among other initiatives.
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Berkeley’s post office matters

Columnist is wrong to dismiss those who care about post office

I’m writing regarding the article “You don’t got mail” by Lynn Yu in the Feb. 21 issue. While I certainly am an advocate for and user of the Berkeley post office, perhaps equally important, I’m writing in defense of the great institution that is The Daily Californian. Recently, I’ve been
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