Tips for transfer students

The start of a new semester at UC Berkeley means that there will be an influx of new students, the majority of whom come right out of high school. But there’s another subgroup that joins us each semester and is quite often overlooked: the transfer students. A transfer student is any person
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Identity Crisis

Two Steps Forward

The American dream may end up being the end of the world. Roughly equivalent to the first-world dream, the American one can be summarized as having a lot of things you didn’t make. In order to fulfill it, one needs a house, a car, processed food, factory-made clothes and on
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Blame the Republicans

NATIONAL ISSUES: Republicans are to blame for the twin budget and debt crises facing America, and students should be furious about it

The federal government shutdown, now two weeks under way, has resulted in near-disastrous consequences for the country. Research in Antarctica is slowing to a halt, perhaps causing irreparable damage to invaluable scientific work on climate issues. Services and benefits for veterans are being cut, leaving veterans with no access to
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