Easy resume boosters

Contrary to popular belief, building one’s resume requires almost no effort at all. Kids these days are striving to have a list of accomplishments longer than the line for a Clipper card at the start of the school year, when all they need is proper perspective.
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Spring DeCals we need now

It’s that time of year again when distressed UC Berkeley students can all be found simultaneously screaming at their computer screens. This can only mean one thing: class registration. Along with navigating the labyrinth of CalCentral (Why are there registration phases?), people also have to tackle the task of finding courses
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Quiet people, loud world

Introversion in a college environment has the unfortunate potential to be a detriment to personal growth. In both the academic and social worlds we’re a part of, introverts are often at a disadvantage. It can be difficult to catch up to our more extroverted peers who have a leg up
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Kelsi Krandel_online

Spring breakdown


The tight feeling in my chest began on the drive home during one spring break evening. What started so innocently as dinner and “Zootopia” ended with discussions of the future, about already-made summer plans and already-landed internships. Now, as my hands gripped the steering wheel, my heart thumped loudly, straining
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