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Actionable phrases for your resume

We at the Clog recently came to the realization that we’d like to be employed after we leave the academic womb. So, since being jaw-achingly hilarious isn’t a marketable skill, we’ve been trying to beef up our resumes lately — you know, without actually leaving the house. Here are some of
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Celebrity resume: North West

From the people who brought you Gwyneth Paltrow’s resume, we give you another edition of celebrity resume. Keep on working on those resumes and applying to all the jobs, internships and anything else you want to! If your resume looks anything like North’s, you are sure to get hired.  ___________________________  
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Gwyneth paltrow large

Celebrity resume: Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s summer! For everyone not in Berkeley, this means enjoying the sun, eating food, gaining weight, watching TV, and taking a complete mental and physical break from school. For students in Berkeley, summer means … internships. We at the Clog are sure that many of you have been tirelessly editing and
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Mistakes you are bound to make at UC Berkeley

As poorly put together as your life may be, some situations make your life seem like an even hotter mess. Here are some mistakes that you have probably made as a student here, and if you haven’t, hopefully this list will help you avoid them. Accidentally walking away with towels
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Surviving interviews for internships

It’s that time of year again — endless internship applications and interviews. At UC Berkeley, we are fairly confident that we are well prepared to handle anything internships throw our way. Hey, we’re well rounded. We’re educated college students. We participate in extracurriculars. We have cover letters. We have resumes.
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Why life is one long college application

No one likes college applications, unless you magically achieved a 5.0 GPA and a perfect SAT score in high school. And even then, filling out all those questions about yourself is a hassle. So what if we told you life was one extremely long, never-ending application? We all have to
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