Slogans for some L&S majors

We at the Clog decided that with the many academic paths you can take at UC Berkeley, sometimes a type of categorization is necessary. Thus we crowdsourced around campus and asked people for the most popular majors that the College of Letters and Science offers — and made some memorable slogans for
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Spread the word to end the word

“Honey, please don’t say that word ever, ever again.” Samantha said these words with more clarity than anything I had yet to hear her say, and I, realizing the nature of my mistake, stood dumbfounded. During the coaches’ training day, we volunteers had been told that the most important rule
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The Albany Bulb homeless problem has not been solved, merely relocated

As the rich of the Bay Area get richer, the poor only become more vulnerable. As we struggle toward a more equitable minimum wage and affordable care, we must keep in mind that the lower classes are often a single disaster away from prolonged camping, living in a vehicle or street-living homelessness. The people of the Albany Bulb were not all cheerful nomads nor lifelong outcasts nor any kind of outliers. Some of them are simply people who fell on hard times and have become living harbingers of the difficulty ahead. Perhaps the real nuisance is that they make our economic divide impossible to ignore.
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When feminism follows the money

Theoretical Titillation

So what happens when activists prioritize branding? They downplay the importance of policy for uncritical, often expensive, gatherings and capitalize on the grandiose rhetoric of “empowerment” and “human rights.”
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Who Cares About Political Correctness?

Subliminal Signification

In high school, a friend told me that words are simply idea-markers. Even in college, many of my friends underplay the impact of language, relying on calcified facts and denying that language has any material effects. To these individuals, I say, wouldn’t it be boring if language simply held the
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All millennials need to fight gender inequality

Millennials, or my generation, seeing as I was born in 1990, are sadly generalized as lazy, disrespectful, bawdy and privileged. Throwing salt on the wound, as I write this, Miley Cyrus holds the leading public vote for Time’s Person of the Year. Despite the bad reputation we hold in the
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The rhetoric of ethics

Notes from Underground

Is it a butterfly or a pelvis? How so? Known for its ambiguities, the Rorschach test is often used by psychologists to discern an individual’s personality and mode of thinking. Moral ethics are also ambiguous. Although we generally believe that good people are law-abiding citizens, this construct is not without
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Off the beat: Confessions of a humanities major

When I first told my family that I would be double majoring in rhetoric and French, I faced confused and baffled responses. My parents expected me to follow my childhood passion for mathematics while in college, but sometimes, things just don’t work out. Throughout my academic career, I have been
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Master of none

Savage Heart Murmurs

Left to our own devices as soon as we can sit still watching TV, we become jacks of all trades. Dabbling in the ones, twos and threes of “Sesame Street” to ABC after school specials about home improvement, we pay attention to the programs that speak to us, liking what
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