Berkeley: A new haven for cinephiles

When people think of cities with vibrant film cultures, only two places tend to come to mind: Los Angeles and New York. Which, to be fair, is expected. There’s Los Angeles — the home of Disney, Warner Brothers Studios and almost all other major studios. It’s arguably the entertainment capital
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Berkeley date ideas that won’t break the bank

Living on a college student budget can be tough — so going on expensive dates can be close to impossible. Thankfully being romantic doesn’t equate to being wealthy. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of some great places to take your Berkeley date that will not only keep your money
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‘Linsanity’ producers talk playing to one’s assets

This past weekend and through this week, Rialto Cinemas Elmwood on College Avenue is hosting a limited-engagement showing of the Sundance Film Festival movie “Linsanity,” named after the viral pun about the hype surrounding NBA star Jeremy Lin. The film was produced by UC Berkeley alumni Christopher Chen, founder of
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