Tunesday: Soundtrack to prevent the ‘dying’ in studying

Not only will this Tunesday help convince your parents that you’re not throwing away your tuition, it might actually help you fight through what seem like endless distractions — streaming Netflix, shamelessly dancing around the house in your PJs for three hours too long, fighting the urge to just nap
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Playlist to get you pumped for fall semester

With the fall semester quickly approaching and the last weeks of summer winding down, we at the Clog thought that we would create a playlist to get you feeling excited for the semester to come. Because many people listen to their music through Spotify, we thought we’d only pick songs that are available on it (and FYI student subscriptions are only $5 a month!). So sit back, relax and enjoy some hits that will get you in the back-to-school mood.
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Alone but not lonely

Last summer, my roommate walked in on me drinking vodka by myself at 8 p.m., listening to the Backstreet Boys. It was humiliating for .0001 seconds before I realized I didn’t care. She laughed with a half-quizzical and half-amused expression and said, “What are you doing?” I pounded a shot
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Rihanna claps back with ‘Anti’

It’s been three years of RiRi wielding her middle finger in the air since the release of Unapologetic. Now, she’s dropped the last bomb with Anti. Releasing the album for free on online streaming service Tidal, Rihanna turned her back on pressure from labels, putting the focus on what is
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Pussy power

State of the art

“Your wife in the backseat of my brand-new foreign car.” Cut to a shot of a perfect blonde, beautiful wife hanging — quite literally — nakedly out of the backseat of Rihanna’s still-sparkling foreign car. “Don’t act like you forgot,” the Barbadian beauty raps head-on into the camera, her eyes
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The top 5 best dressed at the 2015 Met Gala

Monday night was the illustrious Met Gala in New York, where A-listers came to celebrate this year’s theme, “China: Through the Looking Glass.” All eyes were turned on the celebrities who came in full force, wearing fashion that did anything but bore. There were pops of color, similar style choices
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New Slaves: Spending Everything on Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has played the biggest penis joke in fashion history. The opportunity was too perfect to refuse — perhaps he was destined for it. On Nov. 6, Alex ander Wang launched his capsule collection for H&M, and frenzied fashionistas kicked and shoved — literally — for the chance to
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4 painfully literal song titles

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the music scene has been taking some desperate measures. With a generation ready to embrace whatever trending thing that comes up on their social media news feed, there are hundreds of thousands of artists out in the world trying to make the next
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Rihanna: Unapologetic

Another year, another Rihanna album. The latest, Unapologetic, is more collaborative, less danceable and speaks more to the singer’s consistency than it does to her creativity. Ever since Rihanna shimmied out of Barbados and onto MTV with “Pon de Replay” in 2005, she orchestrated her commercial ascent by doing two
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