‘Battleship’ rehashes summer movie cliches

When “Transformers” arose from the bowels of the Hollywood movie machine — that shadowy place where production companies venture after having exhausted plot concepts — the end of creative action films seemed nigh. What next, an action film on Hot Wheels? (Possibly already done? See: “The Fast and the Furious”
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Chris Brown and Rihanna Reconcile through Remixes

Whether as a sign of truce or just to create some buzz, Chris Brown and Rihanna released two remixes featuring each other this past weekend. It’s hard to forget the Grammys night three years ago when it got out that Chris Brown was assaulting Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time.
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Cover Stories: surprising cover songs that cross genres

Florence covers Drake, Miles Kane does Beatles

An artist performing another artists’ song is an important part of the world of music. Covers can mark the proliferation of certain influences and styles, and the expansion of musical perspectives. They can be a nod of approval to fellow artists, or opportunities for cross-genre experiments. They might also be
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