Why is the Olympic pool water green?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Olympics, you probably have heard about the “green pool syndrome” that has been plaguing the Rio Olympics. We know the press is saying this color is due to either changes in alkalinity or algae blooms, but we at the Clog have some of
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Better Together

The Howells bring a little family to the gym

On April 13, 2016, the Cal women’s gymnastics team traveled more than 1,000 miles, stepped off a plane and took in the fresh air of Forth Worth, Texas. The Bears knew they had entered rare territory and were taking it all in — much deserved after qualifying for the NCAA
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From athlete to spectator

“À table!” screamed my Papa in French from the kitchen. “Cinq minutes!” I mumbled. I doubted my voice carried even to the hallway, but I couldn’t be bothered to move. I was too mesmerized by the sport that had come onto the tiny television. Gliding above the water were eight
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Oh, Rio

The Olympics. The celebration of homo sapiens’ sporting prowess. The highest level of international sports. Arguably, the greatest competition in the entire world. The Olympians have a preparation schedule that is nothing if not superhuman. They work hard and toil each and every day to keep their bodies in perfect
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Missy_KarinGoh copy

49 Bears set to compete in Rio Olympics

Cal has always been one of the nation’s best overall athletics programs and has been home to some of the world’s best athletes — ranging from NBA All-Stars to NFL MVPs and Olympic Gold Medalists. Cal has historically been very well represented in the Olympics, and this year’s games will
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