Examining the nature of the Cal-Stanford rivalry

Update: Since its original publication, this post has been updated to reflect additional editing. One of my favorite pieces of writing from this very newspaper — perhaps my all-time favorite — was written by Mike Silver in 2002. Silver, working at Sports Illustrated at the time, took to the fine
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Long Live the Mascots

I think the thing I struggle with the most is mascot murder. My high school, the Beverly Hills High Normans, had a bitter rival: the Santa Monica High Vikings. I played a zillion sports back then, but I observed most of the proceedings from the bench with mild investment at
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A house divided: UC Berkeley-Stanford family feuds

It’s mid-Big Game Week, and we at the Clog have one question for you: Can you feel the pride coursing through your veins yet? If your answer is yes, (and it had better be), we feel you there. We’ve burned our red clothes and chopped down trees in a destructive rage,
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Up in flames

CAMPUS ISSUES: We are outraged and saddened by the October date of the Big Game and the consequent cancellation of the historic bonfire.

In January, the Pac-12 sent an idiot wind chilling back to the Bay Area, reverberating as it struck down history and tradition. The scheduling decision to pit the Big Game on Oct. 20, instead of the traditional matchup in late November or early December, is unbefitting of one of college sports’ greatest rivalries.
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Scouting report on Stanford

The Daily Cal sports staff shares its thoughts on the past, present and future of Stanford University.

The origins of the university The death of Leland Stanford’s only son presented the tycoon with an opportunity. All the other robber barons in the League of Rich Ass Gentlemen had grand memorials, and J.P. Morgan’s smack-talking was getting annoying. Stanford’s horse farm, where he used to trip out on
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