The journey north

Reading life closely

In a blur of roadside poppies and mountain sequoias, a tablecloth of California landscape is pulled from underneath my feet, leaving me intact, if a bit wobbly, in Oregon
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Hollywood’s guide to an epic summer

Summer is upon us and with that comes three months of complete freedom to do whatever we want, unless, of course, you’re tied down by some pesky internship, job or summer classes. Obviously, one of the first things you must do is watch all those movies you had been putting on hold.
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Mom on the Devil's Golf Course

Why vacation with your parents is the best

There seems to be a myth surrounding spring break that most people travel to some exotic location with their friends and drink sugary virgin margaritas in a resort until they puke their guts out. You’re supposed to get irresponsible tattoos of your friend’s frat letters on your butt cheek and go
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Spring break road trip essentials

Spring break is almost upon us, and we at the Clog are sure many of you have plans to take an exciting road trip to some exotic destination, such as San Diego or even Los Angeles. Well, we like to consider ourselves experts on all things road trip and, as
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10 things you see on every road trip

The classic trans-country road trip is a national rite of passage. There are few things in life comparable to hitting the open highway, blasting your favorite music with the windows down, driving into the sunset. We’ve all wanted to point to a random destination on a map and pack up our
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