Run away to Monterey Bay

Situated beside the Pacific Ocean, Monterey Bay is an idyllic vacation spot for peace and rest. Right before Thanksgiving weekend, my friends and I made an overnight trip. We started the morning early, and after rejuvenating ourselves with a round of holiday drinks from Starbucks, we were on our way.
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Things we said we were going to do this summer but never did

Three months of summer vacation. During that time, we UC Berkeley students have procured internships, taken on summer jobs and slept for entire days straight. When summer begins, we build up great expectations for the multitude of days free from obligation or responsibility — and it usually starts out great.
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How to make the most of the last days of summer

As the time goes by and summer draws to a close, we are filled with regret for the things we said we would do but didn’t. We told ourselves we’d try something new, get some summer reading done, etc. We have a few weeks before classes officially start, and instead
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Highway to hurling

The four of us stood in the dark for 10 or so minutes waiting for the gas to finish pumping. Graeme had a feast of chocolate trail mix, Will was slumped over, Dermot was saying something in Irish, and I was waiting for the caffeine to digest so I could
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IB 157 students walk along the coast to the Monterey cypress grove at Point Lobos State Reserve.

Are we there yet? A road trip to Monterey

Finals are out, summer is in and all we want is to take a break from Berkeley. Rather than going to a big, bustling city and having to pay expensive rates for a plane ticket, we at the Clog recommend taking a road trip down to the beautiful Monterey County.
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A Winter Road Trip

The photo essay below captures the essential beauty of a road trip through the American Southwest. Delicate Arch sprinkled in fresh snow at Arches National Park, Utah. A fence blanketed with snow after a recent storm in Goblin Valley, Utah. Deer peer timidly through aspen trees in Utah’s Dixie National
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Tunesday: Road trip Edition

Whether or not you call The Bay home for the summer, getting away to a place where silence surrounds you should make it to the top of this season’s bucket list. If you’re stuck in Berkeley taking classes, there are plenty of spots within an hour’s distance. Or if making it
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