Lower Sproul Plaza renovation may be completed in one phase

As the Lower Sproul Plaza renovation project is set to enter into a phase which will determine its minute elements, committee members have also been considering a decision to potentially minimize the project’s total construction time. Recently, committees within the  project have begun discussions to consolidate the two-phase project into
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Chancellor sends reminder on whistleblowing policy

An email from the UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau distributed this morning reminded UC Berkeley faculty and staff of the university’s policy on whistleblowing, listing additional resources for how to report improper activities and promising protection for whistleblowers. A whistleblower is a person who tells the public or someone in
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UC Berkeley to take lead of nuclear consortium

The National Nuclear Security Administration announced June 9 that it has chosen UC Berkeley to lead a multi-institution consortium that will work to further nuclear nonproliferation and safety in nuclear technology. The new National Science and Security Consortium will continue technical research being done in nuclear technology and will work
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Financial aid bill set for full vote

The California State Assembly Committee on Appropriations approved a bill Friday which would provide state grants and financial aid to undocumented students in California and now moves to the Assembly floor for a full vote. One of two bills that make up the state’s DREAM Act, Assembly Bill 131 —
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Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s career has been characterized by social activism as well as academic research.

Activist past gives campus chancellor unique worldview

It was the summer of 1965 — well before UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau was a professor, a world-renowned physicist or an administrator at top-notch universities in both the United States and in Canada. In fact, Birgeneau was just a graduate student studying physics at Yale University, wanting to do
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