Charity Through Poetry for Writers of Squaw Valley

The Squaw Valley community of writers brought a night of charitable poetry to San Francisco on Friday night. All who gathered at the First Unitarian Church bought their tickets toward fundraising financial aid for the Squaw Valley community of writers workshops in the California Sierra Nevada. The workshops are for
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In Prose and Poetry: Berkeley literature then and now

In Allen Ginsberg’s 1955 poem “A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley,” he writes, “All afternoon cutting bramble blackberries off a tottering brown fence under a low branch with its rotten old apricots miscellaneous under the leaves, fixing the drip in the intricate gut machinery of a new toilet; found a
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Robert Hass

A poet in motion

It was like any other poetry reading — Robert Hass had attended hundreds at this point. But after he finished reciting poems from a recent book, someone from the audience approached him and pointed out to the Pulitzer Prize winner something that had never crossed his mind. All the poems
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Thought-provoking advice from professors

Though weeks away, the beginning of the fall semester is in sight. Saying goodbye to the summer, along with its sunshine and festivities, can be bittersweet. But there’s a lot to be excited about in the coming semester. We will see Chancellor Dirks in action. We will hang out with
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