Album reviews that describe UC Berkeley professors’ lectures

We all know that some professors view their lectures as pieces of art. Whether it be because of the colorful slides, the poetic language or the theatrical demonstrations, a good lecture can be a performance. But every professor is different, so we decided to pair several notable lecturers on campus with Daily Cal album
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Cal football handed 1st loss in living memory

Echoes of mourning reverberated around the city of Berkeley after Cal football’s loss to Utah last weekend. The mood at local favorite Pappy’s, the West Coast’s largest provider of old jello shots, was unusually depressed following the game. Long-time Pappy’s patron and part-time disc jockey, Lance Philips, had this to say following
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Potential UC Berkeley presidential candidates

With so many people hopping into the Republican primaries, we at the Clog have decided to take a look at possible presidential candidates from within the UC Berkeley community. UC Berkeley, being the renowned school that it is, is naturally endowed with plenty of political action makers. Although it’s not an exhaustive
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