Professors on Love

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My senior year of high school, I stumbled upon, a comment thread that poses questions to the world’s greatest minds. The website annually posts a broad question –– such as “What should we be worried about?” and “What will change everything?” and “What do you believe is true even
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Measure R, Green Downtown initiative, fails

Measure R, which would have expanded and implemented more stringent regulations for Downtown buildings and created a Civic Center zoning overlay to protect historic parks and buildings, failed to pass Wednesday with 73.87 percent of Berkeley residents voting against the measure.
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UC Berkeley alumna takes note-taking to another level

Ever scoffed at the person next to you for doodling in his or her notebook while you’re furiously trying to write down every word your professor says? They might actually be taking notes like you! UC Berkeley alumna Abby VanMuijen, who graduated in 2012 with a degree in urban studies,
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