Clog book club: Books about Books

“Write what you know,” the cliche goes, and novelists certainly know books. They read them, they write them, and they write about them. This week’s theme is Books about Books — rescued books, secret books, book clubs, books with a past and books that demand to be read.   1.
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Staff picks for fun, quick reads over winter break

It’s winter break, and ‘tis the season for the inevitable dilemma of how to kill time on an excruciatingly boring plane ride or car trip. I’ve compiled a few charming novels to make time fly – they’re mostly personal favorites that I’ve found to be enjoyable, feel-good reads. To avoid
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Finding Berkeley in literature

Berkeley is a pretty great place to be, and we’re not the only ones who think so. After all, why would you give your ridiculously cool fictional characters degrees from Cal if you didn’t? If you’re into arts and literature, you probably get just as excited as the Clog does
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