Circa Waves sparks passion, dancing at the Chapel

On Thursday, U.K. band Circa Waves played at the Chapel in San Francisco for the third stop on its first U.S. headlining tour. The tour follows the band’s most recent album release, Young Chasers, which has seen critical acclaim, both in its home country and abroad. The venue was small
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Quantum of solace, episode 2: Indian Rock Park

While we may have spent our spring breaks catching up on some much needed sleep, shopping and sun, just one week back and we already find ourselves galumphing back to our dingy Southside abodes and anxious wrecks and burnt-out shells of our former selves. How could it be that just
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One Starr’s impact on music history

When I think of popular music revolutionaries, grand images of glamorous, gleaming rock ‘n’ roll deities begin to form in my mind. I picture Elvis, sitting on a golden throne made of electric guitars and microphones. I picture Chuck Berry duck-walking across the stage as he powerfully plucks the strings
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Cass McCombs, Meat Puppets mix genres in live show

Cass McCombs and the Meat Puppets make an unexpected pairing. The two artists chose to tour together out of mutual admiration, but they share few of the typical similarities for such a setup. Where the Meat Puppets are famous for their energetic mix of grunge rock and country-western influences, McCombs
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Bright like a diamond

Off the Beat

I should preface this column by saying that it is not my place to tell anyone what they should or should not buy. Use your own money for whatever you want; my goal is only to make you think. And if you are one of the many who dream of
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Brian Jonestown Massacre stick with signature sound on Revelation

San Francisco-based Brian Jonestown Massacre, or BJM, does neo-psychedelic differently than most other bands of the subgenre, taking neo-psychedelia to some dark, and varied, places. In the over 20 years since the band formed, their 13 records and ever-changing personnel have spanned country-blues, shoegaze, folk and a lot of drug-fueled
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The Toadies playing for a small club in Texas.

Texas band Toadies ready for anniversary tour

With this twenty year anniversary of Rubberneck, the Toadies are touring the states coinciding with the release of the remastered album. Up there with classic ’90s grunge albums such as Nirvana’s Nevermind, Pearl Jam’s Ten or Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple, Rubberneck is an album teething with harsh yet melodic guitar
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