Refugees serve up coffee in new Berkeley café

Ordering coffee along Berkeley’s campus is an everyday act for thousands. Though this upscale coffee shop at 2410 Channing Way, which opened Sunday, has a familiar menu and seating, its eight baristas from seven different countries set it apart.
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BART adventures: Rockridge stop in Oakland

Part three of BART adventures is here. We’re leaving San Francisco and heading back to the East Bay to explore the Rockridge BART stop. Although Rockridge is fairly close to the UC Berkeley campus, it feels like an entire world away. And in some respects, it is. Rockridge lacks the
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Real ice cream is in season at Rockridge’s Smitten

Today’s delicious ice cream contains a plethora of emulsifiers, preservatives and who knows what else. Most food is processed, and this is done far away from the origin of the ingredients. Smitten Ice Cream wants to make customers fall in love with the idea of what true ice cream should
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Oliveto’s Cafe & Restaurant in Rockridge

At some point, you’re going to find yourself needing to forfeit your life as a stingy college student and go somewhere a bit more upscale, and when that moment comes, you want to make sure you’re going to the right place. Oliveto’s Cafe and Restaurant is one of those places
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