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Rainy day pick up lines

Stormy skies. Drenched clothes. Sticky skin. Sounds like a romantic’s wet dream come to life. Take advantage of the falling temperatures and melt your cold heart by finding your bae in the Bay Area. More than half of the semester has already passed, and time is running out. Now’s your chance
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Feature DMs

Going down in the DMs

These days it appears that everyone walking through campus is armed with an iPhone or some sort of savvy technological device. These new innovations also bring new apps that consequently impact our social behaviors here at UC Berkeley. With the rise of social media and dating apps in mind, we
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Kristine Wong:Staff

Sick pick up lines

The eternal struggle to eat a vegetable combined with this cold weather has us all on the brink of influenza. If you’re anything like the rest of the student body, you’re probably a week away from contracting scurvy and the common cold. And while being sick sucks, being alone sucks even more. Luckily, we
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Lessons on romance

If you look at the long list of things we at the Clog need to get done this week, you’ll probably find vacuuming halfheartedly scrawled at the bottom. If you look even further down, you’ll see where we erased the task of doing our readings for next Monday. And if you look underneath that
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How to find the niche love of your life in college

Everyone secretly (or not so secretly) hopes to find the person of their dreams while at college. We hope that we’ll sit down next to someone in lecture, strike up a conversation and voila — the great romance of our lives is born. The reality, however, is not so optimistic. After
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Snapchat guide take two: the snappening

In our last Snapchat guide, we at the Clog provided some unbeatable tips on improving your Snapchat story. Now that summer has arrived and you’re separated from nearly everyone you know, social media will become an even more important part of communication in the coming months, especially with regards to any romantic
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Top 5 places to take your Tinder date

So maybe you’re coming back to school from a summer romance. Maybe you wanted it to be this way or maybe your master plan to snag a significant other just didn’t go as planned. Have no fear! Anyone who has Tindered knows that the app is most effective in college towns
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Things we said we were going to do this summer but never did

Three months of summer vacation. During that time, we UC Berkeley students have procured internships, taken on summer jobs and slept for entire days straight. When summer begins, we build up great expectations for the multitude of days free from obligation or responsibility — and it usually starts out great.
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