Freedom of Speech: A Legacy or a Trap?

Winter in Berkeley. The trees lining Sproul Plaza are sparse, their bare limbs spreading out over the throngs of students and faculty members below, their fallen leaves lining the campus floor in a diverse array of color and texture reflective of the chaotic bustle. Winter on Sproul is filled with
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Conservative scholar Steven Hayward to teach at UC Berkeley

Steven Hayward, the conservative columnist and Ronald Reagan Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University, begins a three-year term as a visiting scholar at the campus Institute for Governmental Studies, where he will teach classes and hold events in an attempt to expose UC Berkeley to conservative thought.
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CalSO: A history

Each summer, thousands of newly admitted UC Berkeley students flood campus for two-day crash courses on time-honored Cal traditions and to sign up for their first set of classes. Since its inception in 1968, CalSO was intended as a space where baby Bears could learn to navigate the campus and meet some of their peers before officially starting school in the fall.
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The Free Speech Movement lives on

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from “Fifty Years of Free Speech” an original book by The Daily Californian reexamining the movement through its archives from 1964. The book is available here. There is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that holds that there are many parallel universes in which all possibilities
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Remembering Ronald Reagan 30 years later

The legacy of the Reagan administration is tainted by the Iran-Contra affair and even the controversy of Reaganomics, but I invite students here at Berkeley to look at Reagan beyond the things we already know. This was not an evil man hell-bent on destroying the Soviet Union or disregarding human rights. Reagan took great thoughtfulness in his actions as president — as both an ideological man and a man of practical compromise.
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