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Places to hide on Cal Day

Ah, Cal Day. A well-known annual open house event put on by UC Berkeley, it serves to welcome the community, current students, new admits and their families to the campus. It showcases the campus’s beauty and accomplishments and inspires the minds of anyone and everyone that attends. It also serves
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Quick tips for dealing with your (bad) roommate

The year is finally close to wrapping up. You’re all undoubtedly stressed out with classes and whatnot — tortuously long papers and problem sets, way-past-midway-though-the-course midterms (one of the many cruel mysteries of UC Berkeley) and readings (is anyone still doing their readings?) galore. You probably also have extracurricular stressors like
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Alternative housing options

Apartment hunting season has officially begun, and as the procrastinator that you are, you’ve waited until all the good places are already taken to start searching for next year’s home. Now the only places left are those that are three miles away from campus, lack running water or are infested
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Relics of home: A thought piece

Being home for winter break often feels like taking a trip down memory lane. Your home is a place of comfort — time seems to have frozen the moment you left and retained all of your most precious memories, much like a time capsule. You simply cannot get the same feeling of comfort
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Rooms of Berkeley

Throughout our time in Berkeley, we will more than likely inhabit three different rooms. The transient space is ours and for just a short time, however, becomes our home. The old homecoming photos and posters can serve as the only place of consistency and familiarity in the whirl of new faces and experiences.
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