25 thoughts you have while running in public

Without a doubt, working out at the Recreational Sports Facility, or RSF, is the best choice for many because let’s face it, who wants to be seen in public, huffing and puffing, with their T-shirts completely drenched in sweat and tears? When you have the choice to work out more relatively hidden from the rest of the world, choosing to expose yourself becomes a thought that floats to the back of your mind. Still, there are those that prefer the outside world to this inside shelter. Yet it’s inevitably impossible to escape the thoughts that continue to run through your head while exercising.
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David Bowie is dead, and I’m hunting for a job

David Bowie is dead, and I’m hunting for a job. It makes sense that jobs are marks of the real world. They mean that you, to some extent at least, have decided to sacrifice time meant for your own personal growth — emotionally or intellectually, artistically or philosophically — for
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Tilden Park

Best running routes in, around Berkeley

If the boredom of running on a treadmill for any longer than 15 minutes has become torturous, but you’d like to run for longer than 15 minutes because it’s good for you, it’s time to leave the treadmills at the campus’s Recreational Sports Facility behind. Instead, try running some of the Clog’s favorite routes in and
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Berkeley Half Marathon: a run through town

It was an atypical Sunday morning for the City of Berkeley. Runners picked up their race gear Friday and Saturday at Memorial Stadium (courtesy of Cal Athletics) and marked their territory Sunday, racing 3.1 or 13.1 miles to support the Berkeley Public School Fund. If you were awake early enough, you
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5 ways to amp up your run

Bored of routine? Not seeing results? Sometimes, the 3-to-4 miler just does not make the cut. Spice up your run with these five tips to make you a faster and stronger runner! 1. Take it to the track The track is a playground to explore new ways to increase your
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10 signs you ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Congratulations on conquering the 13.1-mile run! The Nike Women’s Half Marathon happens every October in San Francisco. On Sunday, more than 25,000 runners took to the hilly course through the city by storm, racing to the finish line and dressed in neon colors with their minds set on three things: finishing, a
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5 great running routes around Cal

The summer season is upon us, and that means there’s more time to take care of yourself — and a lot of us can’t use the excuse that we have to study when we’re trying to avoid exercise. The benefits of going out for a run once in a while
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