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Take a stroll down memory lane in Sacramento

On a wonderful whim, my family and I took a little day trip to Sacramento. From my hometown of Stockton, CA, the drive was a mere 45 minutes, and it was well worth the journey. Living in a different part of the Central Valley for 11 years, I always romanticized
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Brown calls on UC to eliminate fee hike in 2015-16 proposed budget

The university and state are at a standoff after Gov. Jerry Brown released his 2015-16 preliminary state budget Friday, which incorporates a $119.5 million increase in funding for the university — contingent on the university keeping tuition levels flat, despite its recent decision to raise tuition.
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Off the beat: Stuck in the suburbs

I’d like to call these last weeks bittersweet, as I reminisce about my hometown in the Jeep Cherokee I borrowed from my dad for a few days. But now, sitting in a Starbucks that is one of eight within a 5 minute drive (including one less than 500 feet away from where I sit in a nearby Safeway), I can safely say that I’m ready to leave this lifestyle behind me.
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Eating the ‘reality sandwich’

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: UC President Janet Napolitano, Gov. Jerry Brown, the state Legislature and the regents must avoid a tuition hike.

We’ve heard this story before, and we know how it’s going to end. Once again, the president of the University of California system, the UC Board of Regents, the state Legislature and the governor’s office are doing their usual dance over the amount of money the state will pour into
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Napolitano makes her case

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: UC President Janet Napolitano’s proposal to freeze tuition for the next academic year is promising for UC students.

UC President Janet Napolitano took a bold step Wednesday at the UC Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco, proposing an undergraduate tuition freeze for the 2014-15 academic year. The tuition freeze, in addition to a number of other progressive measures announced at the meeting, show Napolitano is going to
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