The state of student activism

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: As made clear this week, student activists are right to continue putting pressure on Sacramento, but need to refine their message.

For the most part, student activists got it right on Monday. Unlike last year, the demonstration in support of higher education in Sacramento passed without major incident, allowing focus to remain on students’ lobbying efforts. At the same time, though, the event may indicate that student activism is facing something
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Sustainability and the Berkeley Bubble

Grass Roots

I realized I was outside of the Berkeley Bubble when I noticed my friends back home had two trashcans in their kitchen. Both filled with trash. My hands at the time were filled with various bottles and cans from the night before, and as I looked around desperately searching for
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Participants travel from all over California for Sacramento color-run

You can’t run with scissors in the happiest 5k race on earth, but you can run with chalk in neon colors. Toddlers, teenagers and grown-ups in tiaras and tutus braved pink, yellow, orange, purple and green colored powder to paint Picassos on their white t shirts as they ran though Sacramento’s downtown streets
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VIDEO: Youth Bill of Rights

Modern technology is allowing youth around the country to raise their voice and take part in financial decision making on the federal level. The White House is calling for youth to help them determine the best ways to spend money to serve youth in need, by logging on to the
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Storify: UC Board of Regents meeting in Sacramento on May 16

The UC Board of Regents meeting in Sacramento Wednesday will focus on a discussion of another system-wide tuition hike, following Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised budget that was released earlier this week. The agenda includes a 20 minute public comment period, followed by three open sessions before lunch, with several closed sessions
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Protesters occupy state Capitol following afternoon rally in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO —Thousands of students protested in support of higher education Monday through a rally in front of the state capitol, and over 100 demonstrators participated in a subsequent occupation of the building. The rally featured several speakers calling on state lawmakers to increase funding to the public education system, including
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