A farewell to syllabus week

Dear my beloved syllabus week, I can’t believe we are in our last moments together. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do without your shortened lectures and weeknight parties. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me because you always gave me my space. You never
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Amanda Chung/Staff

The way the cookie crumbles pt. 2

Few things in life are as devastating as losing a loved one, and the closing of Pacific Cookie Company’s hallowed doors today are no exception. Today, Friday 11th, is sadly the last day that Pacific Cookie Company will be open here in Berkeley. The sacred space of savory sweets has recently
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A eulogy to Ramona’s Café

We at the Clog thought we would’ve recovered by now after Ramona’s sudden departure. Gone are the days of delicious, freshly made paninis as well as the days of spicy teriyaki bowls that weren’t actually spicy. We didn’t believe it when campus told us Ramona’s was closing, but at the
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Willow Yang blog bear

Mid-college regrets

It’s not an over-dramatically lonely or homesick sigh anymore — those reasons couldn’t seem more trivial now. Rather than a product of uncertainty, it’s one of regret.
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