Why I like drinking: a series of interviews

When drinking and college converge on a page, it tends to become a notoriously sticky subject.  It makes the headlines when tragedy strikes: an alcohol-fueled death or a catastrophic series of events leading to someone’s violation. We are constantly inundated with the controversies, the reforms and the failures of college
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zeppelin rules

UC Berkeley desk art

Who we are during our deepest, darkest Main Stacks moments and during the indulgent periods of intense solitude we encounter when we take a dump is often expressed by a strong, shrieking voice in our heads that demands to be immortalized. The thoughts that make it to the public surfaces are
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Hip-hop hour: More than its mistakes

It’s Dec. 31, 2014. I’m sitting at home, on my laptop, because all my plans for New Year’s Eve have been canceled. But you know what? My night could not have been better. The clock struck 12, and I was ushered into 2015 by the sweet light of Kanye West.
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