letter to the editor

Events policy maintains campus commitment to free speech, safety

We wish to offer additional comments in response to your recent editorial about the campus’s interim major events policy that applies to nondepartmental users, including Registered Student Organizations, CalGreeks fraternities and sororities, the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly and off-campus clients. We must note the editorial exaggerates the actual impact
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Know your rights at a rally

In anticipation of the alt-right rally and counterprotests scheduled for Aug. 27, both the city and the campus are concerned with keeping people safe during these protests. Although the rally was canceled by the organizer Friday, some believe that protests are still likely to occur this weekend.
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Video camera registry raises more questions than it answers

We are not opposed to the creation of what is, after all, a voluntary registry. But the language describing such an undertaking is vague thus far. It must be determined whether those registered would be asked to waive their rights of self-incrimination or whether police would be able to bypass the need for a warrant or subpoena in order to obtain footage from registered devices. Live feed should not be supplied to law enforcement, as there can be no expectation of privacy or control of the footage in that circumstance.
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We were left behind after the explosion

We are three of the five individuals who were directly affected by the explosion Sept. 30. We are still waiting for the university to give us answers and support as members of the Cal community. We are two undergraduates, one graduate student and employees of UC Berkeley. This is our
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Pushing back for patient care

Union president explains recent UC patient care worker strike

This week, UC administrators have pushed an estimated 13,000 UC medical center patient-care workers, members of AFSCME 3299, into a two-day strike. It’s important to be clear on what this is all about: patient care. Taxpayers help fund UC hospitals — facilities that bank hundreds of millions in profits each
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