A survey of Berkeley’s major grocery stores

Paying an extra dollar for an essential good does not seem like much. But this can add up to a big portion of your budget in the long run. To help Cal students decide where to shop, the Clog surveyed major grocery stores in Berkeley and compiled a list of their prices for
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Shop for groceries without leaving your couch

As college students, shopping for groceries and stocking our fridge is an unfortunate but necessary part of our everyday lives. But most of us don’t have cars to drive to Costco or Safeway every week, and who wants to carry groceries on the bus? That’s where Instacart  comes in — a
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How to make hummus on the cheap

We have a love affair with hummus. We eat it on pita bread, pita chips and salad. We pair it with falafel and shawarma. We eat it at any time of the day. But when you spend that much quality time with hummus, it can burn a hole in your
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Off the beat: Stuck in the suburbs

I’d like to call these last weeks bittersweet, as I reminisce about my hometown in the Jeep Cherokee I borrowed from my dad for a few days. But now, sitting in a Starbucks that is one of eight within a 5 minute drive (including one less than 500 feet away from where I sit in a nearby Safeway), I can safely say that I’m ready to leave this lifestyle behind me.
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What you’ll miss about Safeway on College Avenue

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. Those words never rang more true until we heard that the Safeway on College Avenue closed its doors yesterday, July 8. The grocery store, located on the Berkeley-Oakland border, will stay closed for a year to make way for a newer,
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