Cal football loses to No. 5 USC at home, 30-20

No. 5 USC left Saturday’s Memorial Stadium matchup with Cal football with a two-possession, 30-20 win, but that’s admittedly a little misleading. The Trojans were far from embarrassing the Bears, who led in the second half and were tied in the fourth quarter. If it weren’t for some ugly turnovers,
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Cal, No. 5 USC battle to remain undefeated

Last week’s freshman cornerback duo of Camryn Bynum and Elijah Hicks was electric, looking like an utterly locked unit after some miscommunication in the first quarter. Ole Miss quarterback Shea Patterson seemed to be attempting to pick on Bynum, as most good quarterbacks would do to an inexperienced corner, but Bynum held up against every type of look, and was a huge part of Cal’s defensive shutout in the second half of its win.
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Blessings in disguise

As an analytical sports nut whose life revolves around school, sleep and when the next nationally televised primetime matchup will be on, my experience watching games live can be slightly obsessive. If a team’s drive has stalled at its opponent’s 29-yard line and it lines up to kick a field
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Realistic season-ending goals for Pac-12 football teams

It’s finally that time of year again, and sports enthusiasts like us wouldn’t have it any other way: November sporting events. As the end of October signifies the beginning of basketball and hockey season as well as the dramatic conclusion of baseball season, the month of November also stands as
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Trojans stay strong to beat Cal football team, 45-24

With the imposing lights of the vaunted LA Coliseum shining down on the Cal football team’s nationally televised game Thursday, the Bears’ matchup with USC was not one for the history books. Instead, the Trojans (5-3) won their fourth game in a row and defeated Cal (4-4) for the 13th
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