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Queer bait

Fake Out

Growing up, I collected queer-feeling art like trading cards. Musicians like Arca, Lou Reed and Sleater-Kinney are coded as distinctly queer performers. I’ve taken their work in deep, ingesting their explicit, vocal queerness with relish. They performed their queerness as icons and as artists in bold, daring and highly visible
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The good, the bad, the Oscars

The Oscars are my Christmas. As a film nerd, I wake up every Oscar Sunday giddy. And for my present this year, I wished for a raw, unrelenting opening monologue, one that would kick everyone’s ass. Opening Monologue Chris Rock, you are the best Santa ever. In the first few
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The weird, the wonderful: Outside Lands 2015

“There’s no geofilter yet!” cried a bucket hat-clad bro after snapping a selfie on the dusty path leading down to Golden Gate Park. The gates to the infamous Bay Area music and arts festival had just barely opened, but festival-goers were already eager to tell their friends and followers that
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Tunesday: A walk to remember

As we all settle into our daily routines, walking to and from classes might get a little monotonous, despite how berserk we all know Berkeley can be. Sometimes the flyers on Sproul don’t do it for you. Sometimes the incense doesn’t do it for you. We understand, which is why
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Tunesday: Road trip Edition

Whether or not you call The Bay home for the summer, getting away to a place where silence surrounds you should make it to the top of this season’s bucket list. If you’re stuck in Berkeley taking classes, there are plenty of spots within an hour’s distance. Or if making it
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Tunesday: What You Wish You Heard Yesterday

Within the last week, major music labels released nearly fifty studio-produced albums. Fifty albums amounts to approximately 700 tracks in a single week, and that does not even include the piles of artists who produced without a record deal and therefore aren’t tallied in this count. The albums of last
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Tunesday: A Cure for June Gloom

With Karl the Fog’s return to The Bay, the reign of June Gloom has officially commenced. Take that time to become a hermit for a minute and recover from the sunburn you probably have from the first days of summer. Or maybe head out of The Bay and settle in
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Sam Smith gets off to solid start on debut album

Before laying down the vocals for Disclosure’s “Latch,” Sam Smith was no more than another ordinary garage band vocalist. Carving his path as a feature singer, Smith has begun to make a name for himself with his own singles, “Stay With Me” and “Money on My Mind,” both peaking at
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